The relation of the Tsililis family with tsipouro and wine is a family affair. It begins immediately after the Second World War when Efthymios Tsililis as commissioner of the village church, is responsible for the communal alembic still while, he reveals the secrets of tsipouro at his fellow villagers.
In the following decades, the family cultivates its own vineyards and produces tsipouro and wine for its own use, according to the traditional custom of the people of the region.
1988. The law allowing the production and bottling of tsipouro from official distilleries is passed.
1989. The sole partnership Kon/nos Tsililis, based in Raxa Trikala, is established with main activity the production and bottling of tsipouro.
1990.Tsipouro Tsilili is marketed, the first to be bottled in Thessaly.
1995. The first vineyard of the family Theopetra Estate is planted and since then the vineyard is steadily expanded every year.
2005. A complete mechanical and building modernization is started and it is completed in two years.
2007. After a sharp upward trend during the previous years in the market, Tsilili tsipouro and grape distillates are distributed exclusively by WS KAROULIAS S.A.