Grape Distillate
Grape distillate is the "young noble relative" of tsipouro and its existence is the evolution of the latter.
It is produced by the distillation of the total of pomace and wine derived from selected grapes with the same patient, careful method of discontinuous distillation in copper pot stills as tsipouro.
Similar spirits are distillato di uva in Italy and eau-de-vie de raisin in France.
The presence of the whole grape berry, without separating the grape must to produce wine, offers a distillate with more intense and clean aromas and richer and complex structure on the palate. Usually, it is produced from a single grape variety, being single varietal, to express greater the primary aromas of the variety.
Grape distillates are best appreciated when drunk cold, undiluted or by adding an ice cube. With a more inspirational approach, grape distillates can become base spirits for premium cocktails.