The classic way of drinking tsipouro is by adding cold water and some ice, accompanied by savory Mediterranean delicacies. A more "tasting" way, that allows enjoying better the aroma and flavor of tsipouro and especially the one without anise, is to drink tsipouro chilled at 8-10º C without adding water or ice.
Tsipouro does not impose neither any dress code nor restriction or codes of conduct. That’s why it can accompany a variety of dishes in various social events, willing to explore. Finger food with meat, seafood and Mediterranean vegetables and exotic dishes are perfect pairings.

Tsipouro without anise is an ideal base spirits for cocktails with Mediterranean flavors.

For those who prefer aged tsipouro, its organoleptic characteristics emerge more strongly at 17 º C. It is well enjoyed when paired with nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate or a good quality cigar.

With or without aromatic seeds, with or without food, tsipouro is the drink of friendship. It is the drink that makes you share tastes, aromas and emotions.