Responsible consumption
The consumption of alcoholic beverages offers pleasure and is a part of our social life, when it is done responsibly and with knowledge. Nevertheless, we all have to know excess consumption of alcohol is connected with hazards for our health, our safety and our social environment.

K.Tsililis S.A. suggests and supports a responsible way of consuming its products, done in a moderate way based on informed choices, which offers pleasure, far from any negative consequences linked with excess consumption.

K.Tsililis S.A. is a member of SEAOP (Greek Federation of Spirits Producers) and is bound to follow a policy of responsible communication and promotion of its products, on a basis of institutional and self-imposed codes of advertising and communicating alcoholic beverages. The basic goal is to protect consumers, especially young ones, from the perils of excess consumption.
Visit the websites of SEAOP and CEPS (the European Spirits Organization):