At the foot of Meteora Rocks and around the prehistoric Cave of Theopetra, signs of human existence and evolution are found far back into Paleolithic era.
Here, at the Cave of Theopetra, there were found, among other things, grape seeds which provoke change in the history of wine and prove the ancient coexistence of this place with the vine and the wine.
During the Byzantine era, the sacred vine cultivation and evolution of winemaking passed into the hands of the monks of the sacred Rocks who practiced them with the same reverence as in worshipping God. The mystery of Meteora passes to the wine through a particular terroir, a rare composition of soil and the continental climate, making the region an eternal cradle of production of wines with character and of high quality.
Nowadays, Tsililis family has created an icon winery in order to highlight the particularity of the region and revive rare Greek varieties.
Long historical tradition, modern technology and human inspiration come together in harmony and perpetuate the regional wine culture.
Where quality is hallmarked by history...
Vineyards of Meteora