MOSTRA. It is the wine that accompanies pleasantly our meals, joining family and friends ... Because ... beloved wines are like our people ... they stand by us without special ceremonies and invitations. Just spontaneously…

The raw material of this Greek wine is low-yield grapes from fine high quality varieties grown with respect to people and environment. They are grapes full of aromas and flavors of the Greek land.

People who live with the vine, live for the vine.
People who have deep knowledge, experience and passion for the grape and the wine.
These are the contract growers, who provide the raw material for MOSTRA,
who guarantee the quality and purity of the product, working with the agronomists of the winery.

The harvest of well-ripen grapes signifies the new vintage.
The philosophy behind the creation MOSTRA wine is the promotion of traditional values through modern technology.
Grapes are vinified slowly and under controlled conditions at the modern facilities of our winery.
Then, the rich aromas and taste of the wine get captured in an elegant bottle, where the original double security lid ensures tight protection of the product but also makes opening and reclosing easy and effortless.